Ambition's Graveyard is a collaborative interdisciplinary art space for experimentation, exploration and sharing, co-created with its members.

What's the deal with our Hometown instance?

Hometown is a fork (edited version) of a software called Mastodon which allows lots of different servers to all talk to each other in one big federated social network (federated as in having lots of little autonomous, but connected, segments). It looks quite a lot like Twitter to use, but under the hood it's like lots of different Twitters that all talk to each other. We think it's really cool, because it represents a regaining of agency over the internet infrastructure we use to communicate every day.

Because we're running Hometown, we have some cool bonus features like the ability to make local-only posts, which only show up for people who have accounts on our server. As well as talking to other members, you can connect with anyone on the Fediverse whose account uses the ActivityPub protocol (language). Without getting too technical - this means you can follow anyone using Mastodon (like Twitter, but not), Peertube (like YouTube, but not), Pixelfed (like Instagram, but not) and more, all from the same account! Isn't that neat!

Our Hometown server can be found at Members who'd like to join just need to send us an email, and we'll send over an invite code!

Our Hometown server is hosted and managed by Spacebear

And what about web hosting?

As part of our mission to create cool DIY spaces for doing things, combined with a belief that the internet is really a place, we're pretty big advocates for having a greater understanding of, and control of, (y)our online presence(s). Especially as artists! For this reason, we offer static-site hosting and support to create a hand-built website for our members.

Members can get 1:1 support on HTML and CSS, via message, email, video call, or in person, and when using the space will be able to see first-hand how and where the website is served. Members can have their own subdomain ( or we can host on any domain owned and managed by a member - it's up to you (we just need to be able to point the DNS at our little Raspberry Pi)!

Examples of websites we hand-code and self-host: